The abode of Shiva in the body

The abode of Shiva in the body image
The abode of Shiva in the body

Reference: Body as an abode of Lord Shiva—(i) The Krishna Yajur Veda’s Yogshikha 
Upanishad, Canto 1, verse nos. 72, 165-168, Canto 2, verse nos. 6-10, 20, Canto 3, verse 
nos. 1-15, Canto 5, verse nos. 2-5, 13-16, and Canto 6, verse nos. 32-33, 47; Varaaha 
Upanishad, Canto 5, verse nos. 50 and 53; and Skand Upanishad, verse nos. 10-11. (ii) 
Sam Veda’s Jabal Darshan Upanishad, Canto 4, verse nos. 48-59. (iii) Atharva Veda’s 
Brihajjabal Upanishad, Brahman 7, verse no. 4. 
The Varaaha Upanishad of Krishna Yajur Veda, Canto 5, verse nos. 50 and 53 describe 
Shiva’s symbolic abode in the body in the Mooladhar Chakra (at the lower end of the 
body) and the region of the head (forehead) respectively. 
 Now let us see what these two verses say. 
“verse no. 50 = The Mooladhar Chakra is triangular in shape and is located between the 
anus and the genital organ. The supreme Shiva in the subtle form of a ‘Bindu’ (drop or 
point source of cosmic dynamic energy represented by the sperm and the vital energy 
restricted in the Kundalini) is located here. It is from here that he shines and illuminates 
the surroundings (50). 
“verse no. 53 = The area between the throat and the cranium is called the ‘Shambhav’ or 
the abode of Lord Shiva. [That is, it is this area of the body where auspicious wisdom, 
knowledge and enlightenment along with intellectual skills and erudition have their seat, 
all of which are symbolic of Shiva, the Supreme Brahm personified.] (53).” 
The Brihajjabal Upanishad of the Atharva Veda tradition, Brahman 7, verse no. 4 says 
that when one wears the sacred ash of the fire sacrifice, called the Bhasma, on one’s 
body, all the pores of the body become as holy as Shiva Lingams. To quote—“King 
Janak asked sage Yagyavalkya once again—‘What are the benefits of wearing the 
 The sage replied—‘By wearing (smearing of) the Bhasma on the body, all the 
pores of the body from where the hair follicles emerge become de-facto Shiva Lingams. 
[The ‘Shiva Lingam’ is a symbol of Lord Shiva and is shaped like an erect cylinder 
which is encircled by a rounded horizontal flat platform at its base. This Shiva Lingam is 
consecrated in all the shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva. In the present case, by saying that 
each pore of the body of the wearer of Bhasma becomes a Shiva Lingam, it is meant that 
the whole body, the entire being of the wearer, becomes holy and sanctified, and it 
becomes a de-facto shrine of the Lord. It is to emphasize the profound sanctifying and 
purifying powers of the sacred Bhasma.] 
 Since the sacred Bhasma is rubbed on the whole body, and since each pore of the 
body has become a Shiva Lingam, it follows that the spiritual rewards of wearing the 
sacred Bhasma on the body is equivalent to offering the Bhasma to as many physical 
Shiva Lingams in temples of Lord Shiva. 
 All the sections of the society, whether they are Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas 
or Shudras, get the same auspicious benefits and blessings, the same grace and 
benediction by wearing the sacred Bhasma as are got by offering it in a shrine of Lord 
Shiva’ (4).”