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India's culture

2008 China is struck by a major earthquake, India offers 5 million US dollars to China for its relief activities for the victims of the earthquake.

2005 Pakistan is struck by an earthquake, India offers 25 million u.s. dollars to the Pakistani government as a cash assistance along with 15 million u.s. dollars, in in-kind contributions from both private and governmental sources. 

2010 Pakistan is suffering from massive floods this time India offers 25 million u.s. dollars to Pakistan to help the victims of flood again, India comes to the rescue of its so-called archrival.

2005 an Indian Air Force aircraft arrives at the Little Rock Air Force Base in Arkansas in the USA, it is carrying 25 tons of relief supplies for victims of Hurricane Katrina. 

On multiple occasions Sri Lanka has received humanitarian assistance from India worth more than 120 million u.s. dollars.

In March 2017 it was revealed that India had been a net donor of foreign aid in the last year's it had provided more a to foreign countries than it had received.

Not only that, in 2004 when India was itself affected by its tsunami it still went on to send help to other nations like Thailand Indonesia and Sri Lanka it deployed 14 Navy vessels nearly 1,000 military personnel and several dozen helicopters and airplanes to Sri Lanka.

It does not matter what part of the world it is Africa, America or anywhere else if there is a crisis India is often seen as the first country responding to it. 

During the 2010 Yemen crisis more than 25 countries asked for help from India to rescue their citizens and help them to evacuate Germany, USA, Sweden, France just too name a few as recently as. 

2015 India extricated nearly 2,000 nationals who belong to 48 different countries including many from the United States the European Union and its neighboring countries. 

In most cases it is India's Navy its Air Force its national airline and its Ministry of External Affairs which handles such operations it does not matter whether it is a high-risk conflict zone or a post natural disaster area.

India is always there for the nations suffering from a crisis apart from providing cash assistance food assistance and humanitarian assistance.

It also partners many nations in post calamity recovery and in various development projects.

India has 279 lines of credit which are worth 28 billion US dollars in 62 nations in Africa, Asia, Latin America the Caribbean and Oceania. All this 254 projects aggregate a nearly 4.7 billion US dollars have been completed while 194 projects worth nearly 19 billion u.s. dollars are under implementation.

Whether it is search-and-rescue missions or more uncommon situations like combating piracy in the Gulf of Aden where India sent almost 30 warships is causing more than 1,500 ships and blocking nearly 30 piracy attempts. Its armies globally admired for its humanitarian nature and for its potency. 

how many of us know that
the Reserve Bank of India provided financial assistance to the government of Maldives, Bhutan and Sri Lanka when they faced foreign currency liquidity shortage.

How many of us know that India is one of the largest contributors to the United Nations peacekeeping missions, whether it is Sri Lanka, Afghanistan or Nepal in post-conflict scenarios India is often seen extending its long term support to facilitate reconstruction and stabilization.

In South Asia if any crisis emerges and if people fear for their lives they look to India first, A nation which since time immemorial has provided a sanctuary to those affected by any type of persecution day one has even praised.

India's efforts by citing its refugee policy as a model for other countries whenever a country asks India to mediate and help in reaching peaceful settlements.

India plays a constructive role its experts provide technical assistance to other countries in designing new constitutions and also in helping them to hold elections smoothly.

Globally India is involved in assisting other countries in infrastructure development. 

But what makes India even more special is its keenness to help other countries to become self-dependent in the long run. A good example of that is in just an African a network which was built at a cost of 125 million u.s. dollars and encompasses more than 48 African nations bridging the digital divide and providing top quality education and training, It was the brainchild of former Indian president APJ Abdul Kalam India also provides scholarships to many foreign nationals and in 2011 during the india africa forum summit it pledged 5 billion US dollars in age to africa in the form of concessional loans and let us not forget that globally most countries are beneficiaries of India's cheap medicinal drugs which have saved millions of lives.

India style of foreign aid is quite different to the Western countries others generally provide conditional aid India respects the sovereignty of other countries and unlike many other nations Indian aid programs are not designed to interfere with the beneficiary's domestic policies or its demographics.

India's cultural and spiritual values are all about humanitarianism India believes in the selflessness of giving India's foundational wisdom of universal brotherhood is reflected in its actions.

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