vishudhi chakra
shat chakra nirupanam

The word vishuddha literally means pure, or filtered. Sometimes this chakra is also referred to by the name vishuddhi, meaning a filter. This energy center is located at the pit of the throat. Once the dormant kundalini energy starts getting more active at Vishuddha chakra, powers related to speech, strength, health and occult start manifesting within the human body.

Shlokas 28 to 31 of shaT chakra NirUpanam describe all the different attributes of vishuddha chakra. Let us look at them one by one. ShlOka 28 describes the physical features of this chakra as follows:

vishuddhAkhyam kanThE sarasijamamalam dhUmadhUmrAvabhAsam
svaraiH sarvaiH shONairdalaparilasitairdIpitam dIptabuddhEH |
samAstE pUrNEndupratHitatama nabhOmaNDalam vRttarUpam
himachChAyAnAgOpari lasitatanOH shuklavarNAmbarasya ||28||

vishudhi chakra

In the throat, kanThE, lies the lotus, called vishuddha, vishuddhAkhyam which is in the colour of smoky purple. All the sixteen vowels, svarAs shine along the sixteen petals of this chakra.These
sounds start from am, and end with aham. If we go in a clockwise direction, the sounds associated with these petals are am, Am, im, Im, um, Um, Rm, RRm, lRm, lRRm, Em, aim, Om, OUm, aha, aham. If you are aware of the sanskrit alphabet, you know that am comes first, and aha after it, but here, aha came first. The reason for this is the sounds associated with these chakras, while being a part of the sanskrit alphabet, also have a bindu, associated with them. Adding a bindu to am, that comes first transforms it into the symbol of visarga, resulting in the sound aha, and adding it to the next aha, makes it aham. I got to learn this information at dEvIpuram, which is one of the foremost places that offers initiations into the path of shrI vidyA.

Inside this vishuddhi chakra, is a white circular form which shines with the brightness of a full moon. This is representative of nabha, or the AkAsha element, which is associated with this chakra. This circle is said to be carried by a snow coloured elephant. shlOka 29 talks about the masculine deity
associated with this chakra

bhujaiH pAshAbhItyaNkushavaralasitaiH shObhitAngasya tasya
manOraNkE nityam nivasati girijAbhinnadEhO himAbhaH |
trinEtraH panchAsyO lasitadashabhujO vyAghracharmAmbarADhyaH
sadApUrvO dEvaH shiva iti cha samAkhyAnasiddhaH prasiddhaH||29||

vishudhi chakra located
vishudhi chakra located

This chakra is presided by Lord sadAshiva, who holds in his four arms, a pAsha, noose, which is representative of control over the senses, abhIti or abhaya mudra, which dispels fear, ankusha, or a goad which represents control over the mind, and varada or the boon providing mudra. Within his heart, manOraNkE, resides goddess girijA. He has three eyes, trinEtraH, and five faces, panchAsyaH and is covered in tiger skin, vyAghra charma.

The shlOka 30 talks about sAkinI who is the feminine deity associated with this chakra.

sudhAsindhOH shuddhA nivasati kamalE sAkinI pItavastrA
sharam chApam pAsham sRNimapi dadhatI hastapadmaishchaturbhiH |
sudhAmshOH sampUrNE shashaparirahitam maNDalam karNikAyAm
mahAmOkhShadvAram shriyamabhimatashIlasya shuddhEndriyasya ||30||

In this lotus, lies goddess sAkinI, who is of purer white than the ocean of milk, sudhA sindhu. She holds i n her four hands sharam a bow, chApam an arrow, pAsham a noose and sRNi a goad. She is the gatekeeper of the doorway to liberation, mahAmOkShadvAram for a practitioner who has purified his organs of sense and action. The final shloka describes the benefits a practitioner, or a sAdhaka can attain by working on this chakra.

vishudhi chakra food examples
vishudhi chakra food examples

 iha sthAnE chittam niravadhi vinidhAyAtmasampUrNayOgaH
kavirvAgmI jnAnI sa bhavati nitarAm sAdhakaH shAntachEtAH |
trikAlAnAm darshI sakalahitakarO rOgashOkapramuktaH
chiranjIvI jIvI niravadhivipadAm dhvamsahamsaprakAshaH ||31||

One who constantly meditates on this chakra, attains a peaceful mind, shAntachEtAH.One becomes very knowledgebale, jnAnI and fluent in speech, vAgmI. One attains the power to see the past present and future, trikAlANAm darshI. One becomes free from all disease and sorrow, rOgashOka pramuktaH. One attains a long life, chiranjIvI and becomes capable to tackle any challenge in life. In summary, we have seen that vishuddha chakra, which is located at the pit of the throat has 16 petals in it. These shine in a purple colour, and are activated by the 16 vowel
sounds which are am, Am, im, Im, um, Um, Rm, RRm, lRm, lRRm, Em, aim, Om, OUm, aha, aham.The masculine diety associated with this chakra, is lord sadAshiva, and the feminine deity
is goddess sAkinI. One who activates this chakra, attains powerful knolwedge, speech, capability to see the past present and future, becomes free from disease and sorriw, attains a long life and the capability to destroy any obstacles in one's path.