Complete Story Of Bheem | Mahabharata

As the unconscious Bheem drifted deeper into

the water, numberless poisonous serpents of

the lake dug their fangs into him. To any
mere mortal those snakebites would have proved fatal.

But the son of Vayu woke up instead.

He broke the ropes that bound him and grabbed at the attacking snakes to fight them off.

The snakes had not anticipated such strength and speed
from a mortal.

When they persisted, Bheem started killing
them off.

The situation had reversed now.

Instead of attacking the drowning prince,
the snakes were now looking to escape him.

By the time he was rid of all the snakes,
Bheem found himself at a great depth.

Though he was in a palace compound, it seemed to
him that he was in another world.

This world was Naag Lok – home of the most powerful

Bheem was greeted by Vasuki himself, who was
the ruler of this realm

He discovered that Vasuki was related to him through the Naag Chief Aaryak

Calling him a grandson, Vasuki showered Bheem with love and affection.

After letting Bheem feast on the choicest of Naag Lok delicacies, Vasuki gifted him a magic drink.

He promised him that the gifts that this drink bestows upon him will enable him to face and defeat many threats to his

and his brothers’ lives.
Vasuki’s magic potion gave Bheem the strength

of a thousand elephants and transformed him
into a hero whose fame will echo down the

corridors of history.

But strength was not all Naag Lok had given to Bheem.

As he swam away from the realm of
Vasuki, Bheem was going home with the realization

that the time for him to be an innocent little
boy was over

For the sake of those he loved,

it was time for him to grow up and face the
dangers that lurked all around the Pandavas.

As the Pandavas walked through the thick forest,
Bhim saw that the constant night vigils and

fear of an attack by assassins was taking
its toll on his mother Kunti and his brothers.

They knew that danger could be lurking around them and that they would have to find a safe

place to stay before long. After walking a
long distance, Kunti and the Pandavas could

hardly walk any more as they were extremely
thirsty and hungry.

Seeing their plight, Bhim carried Kunti on
his shoulder, took Nakul and Sahadev on his

hips and supported Yudhishthir and Arjun with
his two hands.

Under the dark night sky, Bhim strode effortlessly like an elephant through the thickness of the forest.

When the Pandavas reached the river, a boatman, who knew their plan, received them and helped

them cross the river to the other side of
the land.

On reaching the other side, the Pandavas decided to halt till morning. Of all the Pandavas,

Bhim was the one who set out to fetch water for his thirsty mother and brothers.

Bhim walked for miles through the dense forest in search of water.

When he found a pool, he made bowls with lotus leaves and brought water to his mother and brothers.

When all were fast asleep, Bhim stayed awake to guard them.

The next morning, the Pandavas began their journey again. Although they suffered much hardship, they did stop.

They knew that they would soon avenge the sinister attempts to kill them and make Duryodhan pay for his misdeeds.

In the city of Ekachakra, the Pandavas and Kunti disguised themselves as Brahmans so

that the Kauravas would not be able to find
them. In order to sustain themselves, the

Pandavas begged for food in the streets and
found themselves shelter in the house of a scholar.

One day, when the Pandavas were out begging for food,

Kunti heard a loud cry from the
scholar's room. When Kunti inquired what the

matter was, the scholar informed her about his misfortune.

He told her about Bakaasur. Many years ago, Bakaasur the cruel Asura had begun his reign

of terror in Ekachakra. He would often come out of his cave and out of hunger, he would

indiscriminately kill and eat the dwellers
of the city.

The dwellers tried reaching a settlement with the Asura by saying that once a week, one

person from each house would deliver him large amounts of food in a bullock cart.

Bakasur agreed to the proposal and from that day, he had been eating the food, the bullocks

and even the person who delivered the food.

The scholar told Kunti that this week, it was his turn to deliver food.

Since his death would leave his family unprotected, he had decided that all of them would go and lay down their lives together

The scholar also told the Pandavas that no man, however brave, had ever been successful in attempts to

killing the asura.

Upon hearing this, Kunti at once proposed that her son Bhim would go and deliver food to the Asura this time.

Bhim, who had been itching for a fight for quite some time, was only too happy to obey his mother.

Bhim went to the hilltop with a cart full
of food

Bakasur smelled him from afar and awoke for his meal.

But when Bakaasur emerged from his cave, he found that Bhim had already

eaten everything the cart contained.

Bakasur was enraged.

It was not long before a fight to the death
broke out between Bakasur and Bhim.

Bakaasur was large and strong. But Bhim was no less.

The son of Vayu broke every single bone in Bakaasur's body, thus ending his life..

That evening, Ekachakra rejoiced and celebrated.

They thanked Bhim for delivering them from the fear of Bakasur. Bhim accepted the gratitude

and went to sleep -- well-fed and content
after a long time.

When Narad had visited the Pandavas, he had made two important points for them to follow.

The first was to have Draupadi as the wife
of one brother at a time and the second was

for Yudhishthir to perform a Rajasuya Yagya so

as to confer upon the deceased Pandu an
honourable status in Indra’s court. While

the Pandavas had already put to practice the first,

they were yet to perform the Rajasuya Yagya.

Yudhishthir was apprehensive of performing the yagya.

What constantly worried him was that the yagya might not be easy to accomplish as it might lead to some form or the other

of destruction and suffering. While he wanted

to perform the yagya, he also did not want his

people to suffer the consequences
of any unexpected revolt.

Unable to make a decision, he invited Krishna from Dwarka to seek his advice.

Krishna told Yudhishthir that he possessed all the qualities to become the emperor and that he would have

to secure the acceptance of being the emperor from all the other rulers. While listing down

all the allies of the Pandavas, Krishna reminded

Yudhsihthir about Jarasandha, the emperor of Magadh

He told him that the kingdom of Magadh was very powerful and that Jarasandh

would never agree to Yudhishthir’s supremacy.

Hence, he should be slain for the Yagya to be successful.

Jarasandha had held captive a number of rulers.

Krishna recalled the incident when he had to move the city of Mathura to Dwarka in order

to protect it from falling into the hands of Jarasandh

Upon hearing this, Yudhishthir
expressed his concern.

If Krishna himself feared the power of Jarasandh, the Pandavas certainly

would not be competent enough to defeat him.

It was during this discussion that Bhim stepped in.

He told Yudhsithir that the combined powers of Krishna, Arjun and his own strength can bring Jarasandh down

Arjun and Krishna agreed as they felt that it was their duty to defeat Jarasandh and save all the kings

who were
held captive

Yudhidhthir was convinced.

Having sought Yudhishthir’s consent, Krishna, Arjun and Bhim set forth towards the

kingdom of Magadh disguised as brahmans.

Although suspicious of their appearance,  Jarasandh welcomed the brahmans to his palace and asked them the purpose of their visit

Krishna then revealed their identities and
challenged Jarasandh to fight.

Jarasandh challenged Bhima and both of them entered the arena for combat.

They fought each other brutally with their bare arms. The fight that had started on the first day

of Karthik
lasted till the thirteenth day when Bhim delivered

one final blow to Jarasandh tore him into
two pieces.

Before anyone could know, the two pieces magically joined together again and Jarasandh

came back to life. Bhim was shocked and confused.

Sensing his confusion, Krishna tore a

blade of grass into two parts and threw them
in opposite directions.

Bhim took the hint

once again slashed through Jarasandh and threw

the body parts in opposite directions.

This time, the two pieces could not come together again.

The slaying Jarasandh freed Magadh and Krishna released all the captive rulers who promised him their support and alliance.

With this, Krishna, Arjun and Bhim returned victorious to Indraprasth

They were welcomed
with great festivity.

The Yagya was performed and Yudhishtir was made the emperor.

After spending a few days in Indraprasth, Krishna took leave of the Pandavas and left for Dwarka.