Islamic Halal economy system

Muslim societies prefer Halal foods, most of them include meat, and we can easily see them in any (Indian) market!
If there are two shops in the market, One is without halal written on the shop and second one is halal written, then the whole Muslim society buys the same from where the halal is got, but the Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, and all other religions have nothing to do with it.

This will benefit the halal shops more and so another shopkeeper will also put halal plaque on their shop!

(If I say 'Hindu' except for Buddhists, Christians, Sikhs and all religions, keep in mind that I am talking about all religions!
Taking names of all religions will take a long time, and the point will be difficult to understand!)

Now let us understand what is Halal Meat/ Chicken?

Making Halal meat means killing animals according to the Quran!

When does meat become halal and what are the conditions for it?

१. When killing any animal, the face of the animal should be toward the Ka'bah (holy shrine of the Muslim community)!

२. Saying certain lines in the Quran while killing animals!

३. Animals must be cut by a person in Muslim community!

४. When killing an animal, just cut a small cut in his throat so that when the animal is alive, all its blood will come out and the animal will die!

It can take 5 minutes to 1 hour for an animal to die. Until then, animal conditions were worse, and these animals were slaughtered!

The Jhataka method is the opposite, the word may indicate that in one jerk the neck is separated, so the animal is greatly reduced in distress!

If you ask any of your Muslim community the reason for eating halal meat, they say that there may be diseases in the blood of the animal body, they will scourge it to get the blood out completely, etc ...

The benefits of jerking:

2. The animal gets less trouble with jerking!

२. When the animal is in a trance, the animal has some chemical changes on its body's harmonium, because during that time the animal's emotions are very hurt, the more the chemical changes in its body until the animal dies!

Halal business system

If we take a close look at the Halal meat system, we will find that only Muslim people can find employment in it, because if a non-Muslim person killed an animal, it does not remain Halal, which means only the benefit of the Muslim community!

Needless to say, the Halal system has completely shut down the business of the Khatik caste of Hinduism!

In the whole world, only about 15% of the Halal rank and strength of the Muslim community has the power to buy, meaning that almost 85% of Halal foods are being shouted to non-Muslim community without cause!

Just one example of how many non-Muslim community businesses have been harmed by the Halal system will be noticed that Baba Ramdev's Patanjali Company is also selling their food in the country by giving Halal certificate on their food, it is their compulsion!

The Halal economy earns around $ 2 to $ 3 trillion annually, in 2017 it earned $ 2.5 trillion.

In the beginning Halal seemed to have been applied only to meat, now everything is Halal available!

From nail polish to nail polish on the nail, the colors are now available in Halal!

From one point of view, the Halal system is very dangerous for the rest of the religion, the Halal system is not only the financial exclusion of the other religions, but some part of it is used for jihad too!

Jihad is of two types: -
1. Jihad-e-Akbar
2. Jihad-e-Asghar

Jihad-e-Akbar is a fight against evil thoughts in itself!

Jihad-e-Asghar means a lot of genocide terror attacks, based on fighting the enemies of Islam, there are many things to do, in a nutshell! Means to fight the enemies of Islam. On the basis of this, Muslims around the world today are synonymous with terror. By the way, the practical meaning of jihad today has become the end of non-Muslims.

India's security budget is like putting an ant in front of an elephant before the Halal economy!
And the Halal system is growing very fast, so there is an atmosphere of fear among non-Muslims!